Aspyre Collection




User Experience

Visual Design

Motion Design

The Ask

James Hardie asked us to create a website for their Aspyre Collection, a line of siding products made exclusively for architects, designers, and builders.

UX Challenge

From the client’s user research, we identified that these users had the following needs:

  1. Get detailed product and availability information about Aspyre products
  2. Source inspiration on how to use the various products together to create sophisticated exterior design
  3. Source technical documents on how to install these products

Our largest hurdle was the product was on limited release. It would be available in some markets upon site launch, but would be continued to be rolled out throughout the rest of the year. So we needed to create a scalable experience that would be gated in the short term, but allow the user to buy the product in the long term.

UX Approach

We structured the experience like an ecommerce site; promoting inspiration with high-design exteriors while leading them down a purchasing channel. The vital piece at the end of this channel was the implementation of product availability by location, so we made interstitial modals throughout the experience to have users see what products were available according to their zip code. We integrated with JH data to provide geo-based product availability to save any unnecessary steps for the user in locating products.

One of the main pillars of the Aspyre brand was that, despite the different profiles of the products, they could be combined to create interesting exteriors for different applications. As a way to capture this, our team built a lookbook component where users could click on tabbed UI to see how the products work on their own and how they work together.


The logo used for Aspyre was a diamond, which echoed the shapes and angles of the product profiles themselves. The branding also leaned heavily on the use of photography to showcase intriguing applications. There was a strong use of perspective in their photography, so we brought in 45 degrees angles crops and contours to provide a sense of movement to guide the user through the experience.

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